If you

can breathe, you can

do yoga.

"If not now, when?"   

(The Talmud)

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Yoga Classes

For students of every level and all ages, we offer inspiring routines at different times and locations.  Please check the calendar for current class schedule.  Any class is also offered upon request at the location of your choice. Call or message Tara to let her know you're interested.
*Essential Restorative 
   This class is a deeply therapeutic and rejuvenating session of yoga that is accessible and beneficial for every type of student. Essential Oils & Various gentle, prop-supported asanas (poses) will be offered to promote self-healing and whole-body wellness. Truly an elixir for whatever ails you!
 *Essential Hatha Yoga*
 This yoga class combines the use of essential oils with pranayama (breath work) and various classical asana (pose) sequences, designed to provide a well-balanced practice. Modifications are always offered to make asanas more approachable or more challenging for a student at any level.  All ages, beginner through experienced are welcome!
*Beginning Yoga*
This class will take us back to the roots of each asana (pose), focusing on alignment. We will delve into pranayama (breath work) and examine various asanas, learning self-awareness and self-respect. This class is great for beginners and any student that desires to re-explore the fundamentals of yoga.
*Essential Vinyasa Flow*
In this exhilarating class, we will utilize Essential Oils while we connect the prana (breath) with our movements as we flow through various asana (pose) sequences. We will discover and explore our limits as we dance through our asanas during this dynamic class. Modifications are always offered to make an asana more approachable or more challenging for a student at any level.
*Gentle Yoga*
This soothing class is great for any age and any body. Asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath work) will be utilized to gently explore our bodies and learn methods for self-healing. We will strive to alleviate any strain, from both the body and the mind.
**Outdoor Yoga: Beach**

 Join us for an uplifting yoga session surrounded by natural beauty.  A wide range of asanas (poses) will be offered on the earth's most forgiving surface:      sand!