Why Restorative Yoga?

"...if yoga were a smorgasbord, restorative postures would be most definitely be at the dessert table."
--Claudia Clemens
     Living in such a busy society, many of us need to learn how to truly relax- one of several, basic, human states of being. When the human body is truly relaxed, many crucial functions occur: the sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight response defenses) slows, as the parasympathetic nervous system takes over. This slows your heart rate, lowering blood pressure, while it improves your digestion, promotes vital organ functions, & stimulates the immune system. Additionally, it stimulates cell growth & rehabilitation, & helps to alleviate stress, insomnia, & fatigue. The benefits are endless.
     During a Restorative Yoga Class, you may stay in an asana (pose) for an extended period of time, sometimes 10-20 miutes, or as long as you're comfortable. By fully supporting the body with blankets & bolsters in a supported & aligned position over an extended period of time
, your muscles can fully release. When your muscles fully let go, especially those in injured ares that are straining due to compensation, the skeleton can realign. Therefore, the skeleton can hold the body as designed, relieving strained muscles.
     The combination of self-healing that occurs during deep relaxation is a delightful experience, Come. Learn to relax! Learn to let go!

It's been said...
"Tara's Restorative Yoga Class is one of my most recommended experiences.  I recommend it for anyone dealing with health, stress, or just life issues. It is probably the most nurturing experiences I have ever had, promoting a sense of deep relaxation and calm. The best way to describe this experience is it's like having up woken after having the best sleep of your life. I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend Tara's Yoga Class as well." --Linda Beyries

"That was the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. I feel like I just got a massage!" --a bliss-filled student
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