If you

can breathe, you can

do yoga.

"If not now, when?"   

(The Talmud)

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Yoga Your Way

Personal & Semi-Personal
Yoga Sessions

Personal routines, specified for your particular needs and concerns, right in your own home.  Utilizing techniques learned through my yoga trainings, studies, & experiences, we can design your practice to optimize your health.  I would also be happy
 to teach one or any number of your friends along with you!
  Sessions can vary in length to meet your needs.
*sliding scale available
On-Site Classes
Add a revitalizing touch to your wedding celebrations, family reunion, tour itinerary, or your weekly routine. No group is too big or too small. Any space can be turned into a yoga-friendly environment. Mats & props will be offered for use. Classes can be tailored to fit your yoga-expectations!
                       *sliding scale available
Workplace Classes
Yoga is a wonderful way to gently awaken and motivate your employees for a productive day of work.  Or re-energize with a short routine during lunch break.  Even wind down and relax after a hard day's work!  Classes can be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to fit your schedule.  I would love to transform your meeting room or other workspace into a place for renewal.  

*sliding scale available
I am always open to discuss other location possibilities and any new ideas!  Get in touch.